Our Commitments

From the smallest jobs to multimillion-dollar projects, we are committed to safely and responsibly delivering a best-in-class performance on each and every project.

Safety First

Jett Industries is committed to safety at all levels of our operations, ensuring our focus is on what matters most: that nobody gets hurt. This commitment to excellence extends to our quality, environmental and compliance performance — which is how we drive successful projects for our clients.


Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees. “Nobody Gets Hurt” means just that – no incidents and no injuries, no matter how seemingly minor a task appears. Everyone is authorized, and expected, to speak up when they see an unsafe act or anything that does not align with  our safety standards.


We consistently meet or exceed owner’s expectations because we invest ample time in fully understanding client and project needs; carefully reviewing contract specifications and strategically planning tasks ahead of time to ensure all work is performed right the first time.

Our quality teams frequently monitor the quality management process to ensure our ultimate goal of not only meeting, but exceeding the owner’s expectations. We approach quality from the top-down and believe Quality is the responsibility of every employee.

Our Core Values


We care for the well-being of our people and help them grow in their ability to be successful.


We conduct our business to the highest ethical standards and take responsibility for our actions.


We commit to excellence in all we do with a focus on quality and continuous improvement.


We preserve Kiewit’s unique culture to build a stronger organization for future generations of employees.

Sustainability at Jett

Our Core Values – People, Integrity, Excellence and Stewardship — are the foundation for sustainability at Jett. They guide how we operate responsibly and engage with our employees, clients, business partners and communities.

Sustainability is engrained in the way we do business and how we develop and continuously improve our efforts to ensure the safety, wellbeing and development of our people; build a diverse workforce and strong supply chain; act as stewards of the environment; share time and resources in meaningful ways in the communities where we work; and more.

We are proud to partner with our clients to deliver infrastructure projects that our communities need to be more resilient and sustainable. We are focused on the long term and ensuring each generation of employees does its part to leave our company and everywhere we work a better place for those who come after us.


We take our role as environmental stewards seriously and  appreciate the surroundings on each job site. With proper permitting and permissions in hand, we build responsibly and monitor the impacts of our work. Our projects transform and improve communities, and the environment always remains an important part of what makes them unique.

Jett Industries, Inc. is committed to maintaining environmental compliance standards that meet government and client requirements. Our employees have the responsibility and are committed to building work as careful stewards of the environment. After all, we build in our own backyards as much as we do yours.